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Free Compositions

It’s such a difficult time at present and not knowing how or when we can share music and music making with others is so tough.
Therefore, I’d like to offer a range of my music to everyone in the hope that it may help keep the positive creative energy going.
These pieces are free to download. If you can make a donation, then that would be wonderful.
Enjoy the music, keep in touch and see you soon. Thank you.

Benjamin Ellin

Solo Instr. | Solo Vocal | Chamber | Choral

Solo Instrumental & Sonatas

Coed Beck
Solo Cor Anglais

Full Score: HERE

Duration: 3.5 mins
Brief Description: The first in a series of short pieces written as part of the De Mowbray Songbook. The songbook is a collection of works for solo instruments that also form the inspiration for visual artists to create works in response, culminating in an exhibition. This movement was written as a gift to Benjamin’s partner, Emily and was inspired by the river, Coed Beck near to their home in Yorkshire.

Coed Beck performed by Rachel Chaplin

Solo Flute

Full Score: HERE

Duration: 2.5 mins
Brief Description: Part of the De Mowbray Songbook, this short movement was inspired by witnessing the most incredible sight of a Kingfisher darting between the low-lying branches, under a bridge and over the Coed Beck river in Yorkshire.

Kingfisher performed by Gareth McLearnon

Piano Sonata
Explosive Sonata for Piano

Full Score: HERE

Duration: 6 mins
Instrumentation: Solo Piano.
Commissioned by and Premiere: Premiered by Andrei Korobeinikov, at the White Night’s Festival in St Petersburg, 2012.

Three States of Play
Solo Violin

Sheet Music: MVT I | MVT II | MVT III

Duration: 9 mins
Brief Description: Explosive showpiece for solo violin.
Commissioned by and Premiere: Written for Artem Kotov

Three States of Play Clip

Amuse Bouche
Solo Piano

Sheet Music: HERE

Duration: 12 mins
Brief Description: Set of five small miniatures for solo piano. Can be performed in any order or as a complete suite.
Commissioned by and Premiere: Written for Veronika Ilinskaya

Amuse Bouche Clip

Solo Vocal

Une Belle Jeunesse 
Soprano and Piano

Full Score: HERE

Duration: 12 mins
Brief Description: A colourful piece and short cycle for Soprano and Piano in four movements. (French)
Commissioned by and Premiere: Commissioned by the Maison de la Culture, Amiens, France and premiered by Sarah Pagan (sop) and Andrei Korobeinikov (pno), July 2010, France.

‘Avril’ from Une Belle Jeunesse

Melodious Boat
Haunting piece for soprano voice and piano.

Full Score: HERE

Duration:  6 mins
Instrumentation: Soprano voice and piano
Commissioned by: Catrine Kirkman
Poem by: Ben Maier

The Melodious Boat

White Knight
Soprano and Piano

Full Score: HERE

Duration: 30 mins
Brief Description: Song cycle for Soprano and Piano in several movements. Can be performed complete or as individual movements. (Russian)
Commissioned by and Premiere: Written for Ilona Dominic and premiered by her with Marc Verter (pno) on 17th September 2009 at the Chelsea Schubert Festival.

White Knight Clip

Chamber Works

First Prairie Sketchbook I. Before the Storm
Short reflective work for viola quartet

Full Score: HERE
Parts: VLA 1 | VLA 2 | VLA 3 | VLA 4

Duration:  4 mins
Instrumentation: Viola Quartet

Notes on a Scene
Piano Trio

Full Score: HERE

Duration: 18 mins
Brief Description: A trio in six movements. The piece can be performed as a whole or as individual movements.
Instrumentation: Piano, Cello, Violin
Commissioned by and Premiere: Commissioned by the Maison de la Culture, Amiens, France and premiered by Trio Chausson, in Amiens, July 2010.

Notes on a Scene Clip

Nellkin Riffs
Jazz Trio, commissioned in 2013 by the Maison de la Culture, Amiens for Andrew McCormack.

Full Score: HERE

Duration: 10 mins
Instrumentation: Piano, Bass & Drums

Nellkin Riffs Clip

Quartet 3
Dramatic work in one movement for horn quartet.

Full Score: HERE
Parts: HN 1 | HN 2 | HN 3| HN 4

Duration:  6 mins
Instrumentation: Horn Quartet

Explosive work for Horn Sextet

Full Score: HERE
Parts: HN 1 | HN 2 | HN 3| HN 4 | HN 5| HN 6

Duration:  5 mins
Instrumentation: Horn Sextet

Urban Mythology
Dramatic work for String Quartet

Full Score: HERE
Parts: VLN 1 | VLN 2 | VLA | VLC

Duration:  11 mins
Instrumentation: String Quartet

Vibrant work for brass quintet

Full Score: HERE
Parts: TPT 1 | TPT 2 | HN | TRB | TUBA

Duration:  7 mins
Instrumentation: Brass Quintet



280 or Less
Theatrical work for female chorus. Written for the San Francisco Girls Chorus

Full Score: HERE

Duration: ca. 6 mins
Instrumentation: Soprano & Alto female voices

There Will Come Soft Rains
Reflective work for SATB Boy / Male voices

Full Score: HERE

Duration: ca. 6 mins
Instrumentation: SATB Male voices

Madre Benedetta
Setting of ‘Ave Maria’ for SATB voices or choir

Full Score: HERE

Duration: 5 mins
Instrumentation: SATB choir – can be sung by just four singers or full choir.