Selection of extracts from recent compositions:

  1. Crossing Green - Clip East / West Fusion Chamber Ensemble 0:26
  2. One Before Zero Oratorio - Clip 2 Choirs, Orchestra & Vocal Soloists 1:36
  3. Three States at Play - Clip Solo Violin 0:58
  4. Vanon - Clip Brass Ensemble 1:12
  5. String Sinfonia - Clip String Ensemble 0:25
  6. White Knight - Clip Voice & Piano 2:21
  7. Siksika Viola Concerto - Clip Chamber Orchestra 1:56
  8. Miyabi Violin Concerto - Clip Symphony Orchestra 1:32

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Joseph Alessi, Ekaterinburg Philharmonic – Pandora Trombone Concert (1st mvt) by Benjamin Ellin (Ellin conducting):

BBC World News Interview ahead of Ellin’s ‘Miyabi’ Violin Concerto World Premiere with the Philharmonia Orchestra:

Clip of Ellin conducting Orchestre de Montpellier in Pergolesi Stabat Mater:

Clip of Ellin conducting Tafahum (East / West Fusion ensemble) in a performance of ‘Louou’ on YouTube:

Ellin conducts the Slaithwaite Philharmonic Orchestra in a performance of Mahler 2 on YouTube: