Chamber Ensemble

Chamber Ensemble

Notes on a Scene
Piano Trio

Full Score: HERE

Duration: 18 mins
Brief Description: A trio in six movements. The piece can be performed as a whole or as individual movements.
Instrumentation: Piano, Cello, Violin
Commissioned by and Premiere: Commissioned by the Maison de la Culture, Amiens, France and premiered by Trio Chausson, in Amiens, July 2010.

Notes on a Scene Clip

First Prairie Sketchbook I. Before the Storm
Short reflective work for viola quartet

Full Score: HERE
Parts: VLA 1 | VLA 2 | VLA 3 | VLA 4

Duration:  4 mins
Instrumentation: Viola Quartet

Nellkin Riffs
Jazz Trio, commissioned in 2013 by the Maison de la Culture, Amiens for Andrew McCormack.

Full Score: HERE

Duration: 10 mins
Instrumentation: Piano, Bass & Drums

Quartet 3
Dramatic work in one movement for horn quartet.

Full Score: HERE
Parts: HN 1 | HN 2 | HN 3| HN 4

Duration:  6 mins
Instrumentation: Horn Quartet

Explosive work for Horn Sextet

Full Score: HERE
Parts: HN 1 | HN 2 | HN 3| HN 4 | HN 5| HN 6

Duration:  5 mins
Instrumentation: Horn Sextet

Urban Mythology
Dramatic work for String Quartet

Full Score: HERE
Parts: VLN 1 | VLN 2 | VLA | VLC

Duration:  11 mins
Instrumentation: String Quartet

Vibrant work for brass quintet

Full Score: HERE
Parts: TPT 1 | TPT 2 | HN | TRB | TUBA

Duration:  7 mins
Instrumentation: Brass Quintet


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